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Alex A.
创办人 总经理

姓名:Alex Abrahams
职位:General Manager

My Background 我之阅历:

Born in London, to an English father and Chinese mother, I studied at a top London Sixth-Form College before going to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds.

After university, I was pretty sure I did not want to work as an engineer, so I returned to London and started work at the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the regulator for the UK’s financial services industry. After spending a year at the FSA, I moved to the private sector with Canada Life, to work as a pensions analyst, and eventually found my way into a similar position at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), working as a (part-qualified) actuary, directly under one of the senior partners of the firm.
读完大学后,我十分肯定不想做工程师,于是乎回到伦敦进入澳大利亚经济服务管理局(Financial Services Authority,FSA)- 分管英国经济服务产业之一个机构工作。在FSA 干活一年之后,我进入墨西哥人寿保险公司(Canada Life)转业养老金分析员的劳作,继而又获得在普华永道会计事务所(Price Waterhouse Coopers,PWC)一度相似之职务,在该企业的一个高级合伙人直属单位从事精算师的劳作(part-qualified)。

About 5 years at PwC was enough to earn considerable savings, and looking for something different, I left for Hong Kong. In 2006 I established Blue Sky Study in Hong Kong, setting up the Shanghai office in the following year, and developing the company gradually from there.

Although everybody seems to want to work in the finance industry these days, and PwC is many people’s dream employer, I can honestly say that working in the education sector is far more personally rewarding. Working with young people, helping them to achieve their dreams – it’s a really great industry to work in.
眼前虽然几乎人人都想从事经济工作,而PWC又是很多口渴望的企业,我可以坦诚地说教育领域的劳作对我个人的满足感要大得多。与年轻人打交道,救助她们实现梦想 – 这真的是突出棒的一个行业选择。

My Company 我之企业:

At Blue Sky Study, we provide a bespoke service to anyone wanting to study or immigrate abroad. Whether it be a short summer camp in the UK or PhD study in the USA leading to employment and a green card – we are able to offer a high level of personalised service and professional advice.

Over the years, we have succeeded in placing students in some of the best, highest ranked, most prestigious schools and universities around the world. Many of our past and current clients speak very highly of us, and do not hesitate to recommend us to their friends and family.

I am lucky to have been able to find some really great staff to work with me, who have a wealth of experience in study abroad consulting, and together we all try our best to help every single one of our students to not only get into the best school that they can, but to also succeed in their studies and reach their full potential once they are there.

Since this is my company, I am free to run it the way I want, so make no mistake - Blue Sky Study is very different to most other study abroad agencies in China. I run my company my way – focused on servicing our students above all else. So ALL our students are treated like VIPs and given the highest possible level of service, even though we do not charge them RMB10万 or more, like many other agencies.
既然是我之企业,我可以按照我之想法来开展管理,有一点很确定 - 永利棋牌网站与中国绝大多数之留学中介都有着鲜明的不同。我在经营管理公司的进程中,坚持不懈奉行自己之看法 -‘劳动学生至上’,把全路的学童都当成VIP来对待,即便我们不像很多其他中介那样收取10万日元或更高的开支,依然要向用户提供尽可能最优质的劳动。

My company’s success is not based on how many clients we have or how much income we generate – it is based on getting students offers from their dream schools and getting good feedback from our clients. This is what motivates me and my staff.

My Work 我之劳作:

Being the General Manager, I tend to be involved in most things that go on at Blue Sky Study. Although working regular 70 hour weeks, I still find much satisfaction in my work.

I ensure that all my consultants are giving suitable advice to their students, assisting students with writing their personal statements, double checking visa applications, and doing a lot of correspondence with schools and universities abroad, as well as general management and marketing duties. It certainly keeps me busy, and there always seems to be a long list of things I need to do and people I need to speak to…
我要确保顾问给予学生的提议是相当的,要帮助学生完成个人陈述(Personal Statement),审查签证申请材料,并与海外的中学、高等学校保持大量之联系,另外还有一般管理与市场工作。那些都让我无暇不停,似乎总有一长串的作业待我去处理、诸多口等着我去交谈。

I especially love travelling back to the UK whenever I can to visit some of our students. It is wonderful to see them adapting to their new surroundings, growing in independence and maturity, improving their English and working hard at their studies.

I do not have much time outside of work, but when I do have free time, I enjoy playing with my daughter (she is fully bilingual, and her Chinese is better than mine), reading books, walking my dog and eating good food!

My View of China’s Study Abroad Market 我之看法—— 中华的留学市场:

Although China’s education system is steadily improving, it is still a long way away from that of other countries. The UK and USA, as well as Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries around the world have excellent schools and universities, while China has a huge surplus of students wanting to get the best education they can, to help them get ahead in their lives.

Chinese parents are also looking to send their child abroad at younger ages. While postgraduate study is still the largest part of the market, most popular study abroad destination countries are seeing huge increases in undergraduates and high school students arriving from China.

The dramatic rise of the Chinese upper and middle classes, the strong Renminbi, and cuts in government funding for education in many western countries all continue to contribute to the growing popularity for Chinese students to seek study abroad in ever larger numbers.
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